Food photography

Food photography

I love pictures of food. I love eating food. I love making food. I love food!  At the dawn of civilization humans painted their hunt for food on the cave walls. They portrayed the means of their survival. Today we show off the range of our food intake. The importance...

Thank you all my readers

The year is not over yet but I still want to thank all my readers all over the world. The decision to change the language on the page from Swedish to English has proven to be something appreciated. The statistics speaks for itself with readers from here to the other...

Click! Always be prepared

Click! Always be prepared

If I say Facebook, and breakfast pictures, and boring stories about people and their morning habits I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. As a photographer I think it’s your obligation to take it up a notch. I hope you are able to read between the lines...

Do what your heart tells you

Sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you. Even if you know it could be a cliche. The biggest cliche to shoot as a photographer are of course sunsets. It’s almost not allowed. But just almost. Maybe you shouldn’t have them in your portfolio, but by all...

Men and their gear

Once a year Nikon arrange a meeting for all NPS-members, such as professional photographers, journalists and so forth. Usually on a boat that takes us around in the Swedish archipelago for a couple of hours with good food and wine. A time of year I really enjoy.  This...

Think different

Don't follow the rules. Great pictures and masterpieces don't spur from obedience!



Innovative Ideas

To achieve your goal an assignment can never be to complicated for me, just inspiring. Innovative ideas are rarely found inside the box.



Advanced Technology

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