I love pictures of food. I love eating food. I love making food. I love food! 

At the dawn of civilization humans painted their hunt for food on the cave walls. They portrayed the means of their survival. Today we show off the range of our food intake.

The importance of food has blossomed into something enormous. New restaurants popping up like mushrooms on a rainy day all around us. An overwhelming amount of recipes, pictures, cooking shows, diets and advertising are being served to us by different media. And most important, we now have all the worlds ingredients at our feet to enable us to accomplish new astonishing mouth watering dishes. We are constantly surrounded by inspiration of food.

I have the privilege to be able to combine my passion for food with my passion for photography.  The only backlash is my brutal tendency to devour the food before I have had the chance to take a proper picture of it. It’s a challenge, but a good one. I do understand the truth of the old saying: “Good things comes to those who wait”.

A couple of months ago my friend Martin and I came up with the idea of developing a food blog with recipes, as there isn’t enough of those already. We wanted to share our passion for food and make it accessible to all kinds of people. Even the ones who are not the greatest cooks, or as Julia Child would have said it, “Is serventless”.

An early decision was that all the pictures on the site should be genuine and our own pictures, hence we had to make all the food from scratch. It turned out to be the perfect solution. In the process of preparing the food we could continuously test it and document our experiences in the recipe and our readers could also actually have an accurate picture to look at of the actual food, made just the way explained on the site.

Since the blog contains food we actually make ourselves, it’s all very spontaneous, and more than often no time at all to plan the photography ahead. It’s made with the camera at hand with existing lighting. And since we are not educated cooks the plating of the food is somewhat amateur brownish. Maybe this sounds difficult and hard, but it’s actually one of the moments I enjoy the most. Imagine, stereo playing inspirational tunes, a glass of red wine stained with greasy thumb prints placed beside the stove, a wonderful smell of freshly made food or pastry surrounds the house, your mind and nostrils. You are plating the food and you make it as tasty as you possibly can. A click of the camera and –ready to serve!

These are some of my pictures from the blog. They are all taken with my Nikon D800 and with existing illumination. One or two may have had the help of a speed-light (SB-900).

Bon Appétit!

PS: The link to the food blog (in Swedish): http://easycooking.se


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