Photographing animals is all about showing respect. If you don’t do it, you almost always end up with a nasty bite.

Art / HDR

Know the rules of the book, but do not let them limit the free spirit of your art. Magic and masterpieces do not spur from obedience.

Citylife / Travel

In documenting citylife, remember the energies and impact of the invisible people. The ones outside the frame interacting with the subject, the on-looker and then yourself – the photographer.  – Jonas Hellsén, inspired by Ansel Adams


You might think that product-photography is easy because you can turn, tilt, flip and light the things exactly as you want. But then you soon realize that the product has no emotions, no feelings and won’t move, bend or smile even if you ask politely.


Think of instructions in photography like a recipe for food. Do you steal when you cook from a cook-book? Of course not. Then you are not stealing when you learn from professional photographers either. It is up to you to lay your own table.

Nature / Landscape

Great pictures from landscapes and nature carry the feelings and emotions of the photographer. Let them into to your images. If you don’t do it, your image will be a dull piece that no one wants to look at.

People / Portraits

Good photography is said to be painting with light. Think about that again and look at a portrait, because my opinion is that GREAT photography is definitely painting with shadows.


Stage-photography is exactly as exciting, nerve-wrecking, hilarious, wonderful, scary and beautiful, as what the performer feels when he or she enters the stage. You are totally at the mercy of this flow, and you can never be sure of the outcome.

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