Midsummer 2018

Every year I celebrate midsummer at home on the small island Tranarö in the Swedish archipelago. This year I was the host and felt it was my responsibility to provide some pictures from this wonderful occasion. Please enjoy!   [gallery link="file"...

Stage it, light it, love it!

A broad experience from life, education and different stuff is good. It makes us evolve. It makes us better humans. It makes us better at what we do.

A glance through a commercial photographers glasses

Being a commercial photographer you get the experience from a wide variety of different assignments. All kinds of things including documenting an event, corporate portraits, store interior, landscape photography for decoration to precise product photography. And every...

A Summer Wedding Shoot

This summer I had the privilege to shoot a wedding. It’s not something I usually do, at all, but I was seriously persuaded by the bride to be to take the assignment. I remember saying to the bride when I got the question to do the shoot; – “Well, I...

Worldwide Photo Walk 2015

Every year since 2007 this amazing event occurs. All around the world at the same day photographers gathers together to take pictures, talk, walk, socialize and have some serious fun. This year it was performed all over the world with over 20.000 photographers in nearly 1000 different places. That it’s also a competition is just a bonus.

When nature gets close

Any day, any time at any place, the most unexpected can happen. That means, you always have to be prepared. It was an ordinary day. I was at my home doing nothing when I got a call from my brother. He, his girlfriend and their son were planning a trip to visit me over...

Think different

Don't follow the rules. Great pictures and masterpieces don't spur from obedience!



Innovative Ideas

To achieve your goal an assignment can never be to complicated for me, just inspiring. Innovative ideas are rarely found inside the box.



Advanced Technology

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