If I say Facebook, and breakfast pictures, and boring stories about people and their morning habits I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. As a photographer I think it’s your obligation to take it up a notch. I hope you are able to read between the lines here, I’m not dead serious. Only a bit.

My life as a photographer is literally speaking a LIFE as a photographer. I eat, sleep, drink, breathe, and poop photography. All my gear are somewhere in my house. To be more accurate, everywhere.

This morning I was extremely tired. My eyelids lived it’s own life and had decided to keep on sleeping. Only my legs and mind worked. In the kitchen I managed breakfast more by reflex than awareness. I pushed away a pile of gear at the table to make some room for my cup and my bread. I noticed I hadn’t closed the window yesterday. Well, who cares. My tea is warm. Suddenly I noticed something stared at me from the flower pot on the table. A big green cricket. I grabbed my camera, of course not more than an arms length away. Hm, no good picture. I need a flash. Crap. Still no good picture. I need more flash. Darn. The cricket jumped towards the camera away from the flower and started to climb my cup.

– “No you’re gonna die, the tea is hot”, I said trying to push the cricket away from the cup. Ouch. The cricket grabbed my finger. I poured the tea in the flower pot (poor flower) and turned it upside down and sat down the cricket on the cup. Flash on the left side, flash on the right side. Click!

Above is my contribution to Facebook from this mornings breakfast.

Thank you all my readers
Do what your heart tells you
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