globeThe year is not over yet but I still want to thank all my readers all over the world. The decision to change the language on the page from Swedish to English has proven to be something appreciated. The statistics speaks for itself with readers from here to the other side of the globe. I’m very happy that you have found my page and I hope you also have found it enjoyable.

This year has been quite special in terms of work. A broad variety of different assignments has given me opportunities to widen my experience. To give my pictures more meaning and the potential to come alive for the on looker. I’ve learned tremendous valuable lessons in both technique and execution. Something that hopefully will improve the contents of this site for years to come.

This wouldn’t have been possible without you. All my readers all over the world. So again, thank you so much for all your visits and your immensely important feedback.

So readers in Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, Germany, Finland, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Italy, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, Åland Islands, India, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Hungary, Ireland, Thailand, Brazil, Ukraine, Israel, Mexico, Malaysia, Serbia, Chile, Romania, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Argentina, Taiwan, Belize, Slovenia, United Republic of Tanzania, Greece, Malta, Hong Kong, Colombia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ecuador, Latvia, Slovakia, Bahrain, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Croatia, Kenya, Viet Nam, Guernsey, British Virgin Islands, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Montenegro, Zimbabwe, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Macedonia the Former Yugoslav Republic, Cape Verde, Belarus, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Jordan, Madagascar, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, French Polynesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar, China, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, Guam, Tunisia, Lithuania, Jamaica and Sudan, I lift my hat and with great gratitude welcome you back at any time to my little place here on the digital side of the world.

Best Regards
Jonas Hellsén


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