Photographing animals is all about showing respect. If you don’t do it, you almost always end up with a nasty bite.

As every other photographer my dream has always been to work as a field photographer for National Geographic. But which photographer hasn’t had that dream?

And for now, let’s keep that dream. Who knows, it might happen to us. As a lover of animals, and I do mean all animals, I don’t even kill wasps, what’s better than to pack your camera, go out in the woods and just shoot any animal you see. With your camera of course, not a rifle. If you live in a country, like I do, that doesn’t have any exotic, dangerous animals, that can be a challange. A challenge to get that perfect picture. Mostly you don’t – but sometimes you do.
That triggers me. To make the impossible happen. Embrace the “do’s”, detest the “dont’s”.

Find your ordinary ant or house sparrow and make that fantastic image come to life. It’s hard, and almost impossible. But focus on the word “almost” and turn it around. And when you hear “That hasn’t been done before”. That means that it’s possible. Do it!

If you actually have the goal to work in a tree in some jungle in a far, far place. Save money and go there. You can’t stay at home. But if it’s not possible to do that right now, then change that ”not possible” to ”as a start for now”and visit your local zoo instead. You might end up with a good or even great picture. It doesn’t matter how it was made. As long as it is made.


Be prepared for anything
Be different, put on a show!
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