You may not think about it, but if you’re a photographer you always have your eyes and mind turned on. You see things no one else sees. You look at angles a normal person wouldn’t have glanced at and you see patterns in the most peculiar stuff.

Last week my friend Magnus and I took a stroll along the docks at Sodermalm in Stockholm. It was afternoon and the light was magnificent. The sun caressed the copper rooftops with its golden beams and gently touched the calm ocean surface. A breath of fresh air filling your lungs with content and refreshment. Something awakes inside you and your head suddenly feels like a slot machine getting jackpot. You realize you are completely surrounded by beautiful things. These are the moments you are glad that bringing your camera isn’t something you even think about. It’s always there in your bag. If you switched bags, you unconsciously placed your camera in the new one. In other words, the life as a photographer.

At moments like this its equally important to both pay attention to the surroundings and your friend. Don’t forget him or her. Of course they know you have your own quirks and can when they least expect it find you laying on the floor, or hanging by a branch with the camera pressed to your face. The trick is to do both. Maybe even involve your friend in the picture. Sometimes they will, and sometimes they won’t. At least buy them a cup of coffee afterwards for withstanding your peculiarities. Well, that’s the official version. The true version is that your fingers are freezing and will probably fall off if you don’t get something warm to hold on to.

Anyhow, I’m losing myself in words here. These are the picture I got from the walk.


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