A wedding or a celebration is filled with emotion, love and commitment. The same feelings and hard work is equally important to reward your photography with.

My second paid job as a freelance photographer was documenting a wedding. It was by far the most horrified moment in my life.

What if I ruined the couple’s day by taking lousy pictures? That would be the end of my career, my life, myself. Luckily that wasn’t the end of my career, my life or myself. It became a wedding book that was rather good, and I had just found my path to become a quite good photographer.  Although the wedding images became rather good I’ve only taken pictures at one other wedding since.

I’ve done christenings, birthday parties, graduations and such. But I’m too much of a control freak to enjoy these kind of assignments and do them justice.  I prefer a more controlled environment, where I am totally in charge.  The best option, in my opionon, is to join the party and be a happy guest instead. However – I always bring my camera to occasions as such. And of course I can’t leave without taking at least ten pictures that I really like myself. But sometimes, it’s rather satisfying to leave your camera at home. Be that caring relative, brother, sister or why not just a friend being there to support the fellow men you love.


Photo shoot in mid-air
Be prepared for anything

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