To set the white blance in your camera correctly, or for a creative effect, could be an important choice. So important that it can change your result from a great image, to an image for your trash. Especially if you shoot in jpg. You can change it afterwards, but not as easilly as when you shoot in RAW. That’s becuase when you shoot in jpg, your camera throws away all the information from the picture that isn’t needed. By setting it correctly from the beginning saves much time when you retouch.

As a beginner it can be hard to understand all the settings in your camera, but with this quick tip, you can forget all the technical issues, and just use your eyes and own preference. This is also really good when your camera lies. And understand, it does, sometimes.

Now for the actual tip. Set your DSLR to live view mode. Then change the white balance and pick the one that looks good. It’s not more difficult than that.

Good luck!

A tip doesn’t have to be long...
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