If you love your camera like a best friend, you should also treat it in that manor. Treat it like a friend that has difficulties to do things by itself. A friend in need to be in perfect shape. 

A well used camera should be cleaned at least once a week. Both externally and internally. And that goes for your entire gear. Not just your camera body. If you think of it, it’s obvious. If you put a dirty lens on your clean house, your house will get dirty and your images full of spots. Of course you can use the spot-removal brush in photoshop, but it’s a real time saver to not. Especially if you shoot HDR. Then everything shows.

I will not go into “how to clean your gear”. The web is filled to the brim with such stuff. Just Google it or search on Youtube.

When I clean my gear I usually do it on the table in front of the TV. I’ll empty my camera bag completely and vacuum the entire bag. Then I sit and wipe and clean everything thoroughly. Why in front of the TV? Because it’s bloody boring! It’s quite time consuming, so put on a movie or a TV series. That will help you pull through.

To help you get on the way, watch this youtube clip!

You can also check this link for more information: http://www.cleaningdigitalcameras.com/

 The picture above I had to clean forever due to bad cleaning of my gear. 

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