A common problem among photographers is that we constantly look on our screen on the camera between every single press of the button. Of course we need to check that our settings is okay, but after that, keep on shooting instead. By looking on the screen constantly you will loose moments. Moments that maybe could have been one of your masterpieces.

One more thing regarding the LCD-display, that also always lies, is that you don’t have to review your images on location. Your computer screen is much better suited for that. There is also a risk that you will throw aways pictures that wasn’t as bad as you thought. Just because the LCD-display lies. If you absolutely want to review your images in your camera, do it when you are done shooting. Not during.

There are a few more small tips to capture your masterpiece, let’s get through them briefly.

  • Shoot as much as you can. “Film” is almost free since you can reformat your memory-cards. Duh.
  • Again, don’t trust your LCD-screen.
  • Study your surroundings to predict fabulous pictures. Then you will be ready when it happens.
  • Always bring your camera. With that, I mean your best camera. What if you shot your greatest image with your crapy phone and couldn’t print it as large as you wanted. That would be sad.
  • Like the tip above, always use maximum resolution. Don’t risk getting a way to small image.
  • Remove your lens cap. It should only be used when your camera is in your bag.

Using these small easy tips will help you capture more great images for you to choose between. As simple as this tip is, it’s equally simple to forget to keep on shooting. Don’t fear of getting home with too much images, it’s quite easy to throw them away. The more the merrier!


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