Profoto offers a wide and varied assortment of softboxes. This is now expanded even further with three new heat resistant strip softboxes, giving you a total of 29 models to chose from.

Profoto’s softboxes are divided into two families: the HR softboxes and the RFi softboxes. The most important difference between the two is that the HR softboxes are heat resistant. This means that they can be used with flashes as well as with continuous light sources, such as the Profoto ProDaylight and the Profoto ProTungsten.

In addition, the HR softboxes are made with the finest high-quality fabrics and much effort was put into making them as tough and durable as possible. It is for this reason that they are a common sight among rental studios.

There are five shapes of HR softboxes to choose from: rectangular, square, octagonal, asymmetric and strips. The latest addition to the HR family is three new strips: the HR Softbox 1×3’, the HR Softbox 1×4’ and the HR Softbox 1×6’ – great assets when creating a distinct rim light or long and even highlights, amongst many other things.

The new softboxes are, just like any other Profoto softbox, available with a wide assortment of speedring adapters, making them compatible with many different flash brands.

HR Softbox 1×3’ Product number: 100495
HR Softbox 1×4’ Product number: 100496
HR Softbox 1×6’ Product number: 100497

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