The new AcuteB Two-head Split Cable from Profoto is a cord with one plug in one end and two in the other. Connect it to the output on your AcuteB2 and you have two outputs at your disposal. Very simple, yet very effective.

The AcuteB2 600 AirS is Profoto’s most compact and lightweight battery generator. This makes it perfect for on-location shoots and situations where you need to stay moving. It has only one output, but with the Split Cable that is not an issue.

Connect the Split Cable to the output of the AcuteB2 and suddenly you have two outputs. In other words, you can now work with two light sources – and this without having to bring another generator with you. So, it is either half the baggage or twice the possibilities, depending on what you are used to.

“This is admittedly an uncomplicated product,” says Göran Marén, Product Manager at Profoto. “But sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.”

With the Split Cable connected, the power distribution from the AcuteB2 becomes fully symmetric and each head can be powered with up to 300Ws.

Product number: 330606


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