Great pictures from landscapes and nature carry the feelings and emotions of the photographer. Let them into to your images. If you don’t do it, your image will be a dull piece that no one wants to look at.

If I go somewhere, I look at everything. Studying the surroundings. Looking at how the lights fall. Searching for the beautiful.

It’s almost a bit sick. I can’t turn that function off. It’s always there. Do understand me – I live in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Sometimes it feels like my head is going to explode of emotions created by the surroundings. To keep those emotions, and to immortalize that single moment, the only solution is to take a picture.

Of course, to capture the emotions in a landscape you cannot just bring out your camera and take a snap-shot. Place and timing is important. Be there, at the right spot and time. And most important, when you are there, make the most of it. Get down on year knees, crawl in the mud, tilt your camera and take pictures from every angle you can find. If you are freezing your butt of and your fingers hurts because of the cold wind that encircles you – you just have to persevere. Be alert, be both patient and quick, and be ready for change. Before your camera answers with its click, the scene might have altered.


I’m afraid of heights
Photo shoot in mid-air
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