Today has been one of those delightfully calm days. Or delightful for those who like to do nothing at all. I myself belong to the category that is not able to do nothing. To lie on the couch and read a book is beyond my understanding. Either you can not concentrate, or you fall asleep in 5 minutes.

Instead I picked up my camera and my favourite glass, 80-200 f2.8, and took a walk around the island while the sun slowly setting.

Old Boathouse

Why don’t you do that more often? Taking photos of the same thing, of the same place over and over again makes it assuredly tedious, but in the end, you have done it so many times that you know you will end up with some great photos. That’s because you know exactly how the light falls, you know where to find the interesting environments and just what you need to bring. In addition, your images will probably get better and better each time. Never mind that it sometimes gets a bit like … “Oh, what the heck, it looks the the same way anyway” … Do it anyway!

I came home with two pictures that I was pretty satisfied with. Not at all expected since it felt a bit boring and tedious during the shoot.

Jetty in b/w

Food is great
Yoga for photographers
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